Company Profile

The result of a joint venture partnership, Saam Smit Towage is proud to belong to both the Boskalis Group and SAAM S.A

The Boskalis Group is a leader in global maritime services that include dredging and inland infra, offshore energy, towage and salvage.  Under the Towage sector, SAAM SMIT Towage provides services in the Americas while our affiliates -- Keppel Smit Towage in Asia, Kotug Smit Towage in northwestern Europe, and Smit Lamnalco in Africa, Australia and the Middle East -- ensure a strategic presence in ports around the world.

Founded in 1961, SAAM S.A. has a strong history of providing port operations and tug services in the Americas. It was the first company to provide an integral service for imported bulk and is one of the leading logistics operators in nine South American countries, Mexico and the U.S. SAAM S.A. is recognized for their quality of service, operational efficiency and commitment to clients.

With a combined fleet of 100 tugs and over 100 years of experience, SAAM SMIT Towage’s partners in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Panama have earned high praise for our commitment to excellence in all we do. Our shared core values (CARE), focusing on safe, efficient and reliable escort and ship-docking services, have resulted in an outstanding reputation with clients around the world.