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How is Saam Smit Towage connected to Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. and SM SAAM?

In July, 2014, Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. and SAAM S.A. announced a joint venture partnership which created Saam Smit Towage to operate harbour and offshore towing services for the Americas. The partnership between SMIT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boskalis, and SAAM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sociedad Matriz SAAM S.A. (SM SAAM), was previously announced in September 2013 and over the following 10 months, staff worked to fulfill all of the conditions to create the new joint venture.

As a truly global entity, Boskalis, has close to 20 business units and companies under its purview as well as a number of joint ventures around the world. They are a leader in global maritime services that include dredging and inland infra, offshore energy, towage and salvage. The harbour towage network linked to Boskalis operates a versatile fleet of 250 tugs to provide towage services in Asia (Keppel Smit Towage), Europe (Smit Harbour Towage Northwest Europe), and Africa and the Middle East (Smit Lamnalco).

Operating in nine countries in South America (Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala), Mexico and the U.S., SAAM S.A. is the fourth largest operator worldwide in providing towage services, docking/undocking, salvage and assistance in offshore operations. SM SAAM is also very active in logistics services (including acting as a shipping agency, stevedore, warehousing and transport assistance, in bond warehousing and much more) as well as port services (including cargo storage, cargo transfer and empty containers service).

In addition, Dockwise provides transportation, logistics, project management,
procurement and engineering for heavy marine transports and installation to
some of the most challenging environments in the world.

With  a combined fleet of over 100 tugboats and operating in more than 30 port terminals in Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Panama, the synergies created by the Saam Smit merger facilitate increased fleet efficiencies, cost savings, and access to global market intelligence and international best practices while maintaining independent, regional operations with strong local knowledge.

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How does Saam Smit Towage ensure its operations are environmentally sustainable?

The partners of Saam Smit Towage, are committed to ensuring their operations are conducted with absolute respect for the environment. From the use of low sulphur fuel and cold ironing for reductions in carbon emissions, to conducting research on new propulsion technologies and collaborating with academia and industry on projects aimed at improving our environmental performance, Saam Smit has demonstrated leadership in making the towage industry environmentally sustainable.

Just to provide one example, Saam Smit Towage Canada is a part of the North American initiative called Green Marine. Since 2011, they have worked with Green Marine to ensure all aspects of operations are being done with minimal impact on the environment. In addition, Saam Smit Towage Canada received certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance recognizing their commitment to high safety, quality and environmental standards.

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What sort of safety training does SAAM SMIT Towage provide to its employees?

At Saam Smit Towage, one of our core values is to ensure safe operations for our crew, the ships they tow and the cargoes carried. All SST partners have a formalized training policy – for example, Saam Smit Towage has an Integrated Management System which incorporates training requirements as well as refresher training. In addition, internal audits and investigations into incidents provides assurance of continual improvements to safe operations.