SAAM SMIT Towage Brasil is dedicated to providing a complete spectrum of towage services to Brazil’s main ports, and is the result of a successful joint venture between SMIT REBRAS and TUGBRASIL.

In 2008 SMIT REBRAS, an initiative from the SMIT group headquartered in The Netherlands, started operations in Brazil with the unveiling of a 24- tug newbuild program. TUGBRASIL, which originates from SAAM, has serviced Brazil since 2005. 

Together as SAAM SMIT Towage Brasil, the company operates 46 tugboats from 14 ports along the Brazilian coast. SAAM SMIT Towage’s Brazilian tugs are a combination of proven international technology, design, standardization, and Brazilian construction, financing, flag, and crew.

With harbour towage operations delivered to a wide range of international clients, SAAM SMIT Towage Brazil also provides dedicated services to Petrobras’ Oil Terminal in Angra dos Reis and in Suape and also its LNG Terminal in Salvador. SAAM SMIT Towage Brazil also intends to continue with its newbuild program for 06 similar-type tugs at Brazilians‘shipyards with skilled labors and qualified outsourcing engineering  that will accommodate services to additional ports.

SAAM SMIT Towage Brazil is focused on recruiting and training Brazilian Captains and Mariners to a high level of quality and safety methods. By blending modern crews with state-of-the-art tugs, SAAM SMIT Towage Brazil can guarantee consistent quality and competitive rates for its clients.

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