For us at SAAM SMIT Towage, our SHE-Q Goals are not just words on a paper: they are a living document. We are always looking for ways to improve upon our SHE-Q performance, and working with our clients, customers, stakeholders and employees to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding expectations.

Some examples of our SHE-Q Goals in action from across the SAAM SMIT Towage Joint Venture include:

  • incident, near miss and lessons learned tracking and sharing;
  • an integrated SHE-Q working group that ensures all Joint Venture groups are performing at an acceptable level;
  • a commitment to maintain or develop integrated management systems for each Joint Venture business unit;
  • the development of an ambitious environmental policy that targets employee education and the management and reduction of environmental footprints.

SAAM SMIT Towage is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of operation through implementation and promotion of our SHE-Q Integrated Management Systems.

Our goals

Safety     - 100% Care: no injuries, no accidents

Quality    - Exceed client expectations

Health     - Eliminate health risks in the workplace

Environment  - No incidents with environmental damage; minimize operational environmental impact.

Compliance with applicable legal and industry requirements is the minimum standard. We achieve our goals by engaging our employees in the process for continuous improvement.

Together, we will constantly take active steps forward.