A Modern and Versatile Fleet

Our combined fleet of over 100 tugs showcases the latest technology, power and capacity.  With capacities as high as 95-ton bollard pull, our fleet demonstrates the flexibility afforded by a large operational network unmatched by other harbour towage operations.

  • SAAM SMIT Towage Brazil currently operates 48 tugs in 15 ports and terminals.Serving a wide range of international shipping clients, mainly active in dry bulk (mainly iron ore and agricultural products), liquid bulk (mainly oil,chemicals, and juice), container liners, and car carriers.
  • With 23 tugs operating serving seven ports in Canada’s West Coast, SAAM SMIT Towage Canada has capacities of up to 85 tons of bollard pull. In addition, two new vessels are currently under construction, scheduled for delivery in 2016.
  • SAAM SMIT Towage Mexico has 15 harbour towage tugs and 9 additional tugs providing offshore services. All off shore vessels are modern ASD tugs ranging from 70 to 90 tons bollard pull with fire-fighting capabilities, combined with harbour towage vessels of 50 to 70 tons of bollard pull.
  • SAAM SMIT Towage Panama operates 11 modern, standardized ASD tugs to provide harbour towage and tanker assistance.